February/March 2017 Report from PC…plus Stop Press.

The Parish Council has been posting letters to everyone in the villages (by hand) recently, about the rise in the PC Precept element of Council Tax. This is a “once in a decade” rise in the context of very modest increases over the past 5-7 years. We hope everyone will understand the need to maintain our play area and playing fields at Alban Head. We are planning to ask the SDNP to designate Alban Head as an official “open space” which will preserve it against development.
Once again, the building programme at Shackleton Close/Silverdale has stopped. No more work can progress till the high voltage cables are moved by EDF, through liaison with Network Rail; the scaffolding can then go up to begin the building proper. There are photos of the work so far on the Parish Website. We will keep local residents informed as we hear more.
There are going to be some boundary changes to the Horsham District Council “wards” for the next elections; we shall gain a third Councillor and this will cover the Coldwaltham, Parham and Watersfield area. There are also some changes – which we have yet to see the details of – about when HDC and the SDNP will deal with planning matters – it is possible that SDNP will “call in” applications more often. This will have some repercussions for planning process in the Parish.
You will have heard about the new HDC Parking changes for the “free” car parks around Pulborough and other villages. As with garden waste bins, there is going to be an annual HDC charge, which will cover the use of all car parks in the HDC area. It is a modest charge for users, although the charge for business users who need to stay all day seems, for small businesses to bear – we shall see.
We have attracted a team of volunteers for the Community Speedwatch Scheme which we hope to have operational by the time of the Easter holidays; we are still waiting to see if Bury will come in with us – as it will give us a valuable extension of sites from which to operate. The volunteers have been through the on-line initial training; we are waiting for some passwords and dates to meet with the Police Liaison people to agree sites and complete the training on the “camera” and the paperwork.
In conjunction with St.James School, it was good to meet our new Vicar, Peter Mallison in February on one of his pre-visits to our Parishes. He will be a School Governor along with his many official duties; we all look forward to working with him. He is hoping to attend the next Parish Council meeting on March 14th at Lodge Hill, after his investment on March 9th at Bury.
Do visit our Parish Website for more details of events and plans for the Speedwatch group as they unfold: https://coldwalthampc.org.uk
As noted above, the next Meeting is on Tuesday 14th March at 7.30 at Lodge Hill.
©John Evans Feb 2017.
Updated News: There was a burglary in London Road on 28th Feb. The police were very quick to notify local residents. Please be reminded to securely lock up all your garden tools, as these were used to gain entry.
March weather is leaving plenty of water on the roads – please slow down especially on Brook Lane. Highways are being ‘nagged’ to try and keep the drains flowing.

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