Parish Council Coronavirus Updates

With the support of the Parochial Parish of Bury, Coldwaltham, Hardham and Houghton

As we are all aware, the Coronavirus is spreading across the country. Our efforts locally are important in contributing to the national effort to overcome this crisis. We will be active in supporting those in our community who live alone or who risk becoming isolated due to the current situation.

We are fortunate to have a strong community ethos and we are already pulling together to help each other. Please do the obvious thing: Talk to your neighbours, friends and family.

We encourage those who can volunteer to help others, to do so. If you can, and would be willing to let the Parish Clerk have your name and email, the Council may be able to help in connecting volunteers with those who need help.

Anyone who feels they may need help, we suggest they consider finding support in advance – having a conversation before it is needed may make it easier if the time comes.

People need people, for shopping, maybe dog walking, or a friendly phone call. Everyone’s health matters; do not put yourself or vulnerable people at risk but if you can help safely please do so.

Please remember for medical assistance follow the NHS guidelines and/or call 111 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency).

Coldwaltham Parish Council will keep operating throughout this crisis. Please contact us on: or

Can you help?  If you are able to spare an hour to help our vulnerable residents during this coronavirus epidemic?

If you are willing to pick up some shopping or able to take people to appointments please contact them directly or let us know and we can direct you to those in need: at

Please print off one of the cards below and put through the letterbox of any neighbour or local resident who may need help.  If you cannot help but know somebody who may need it please put my name and number on the card and I will then organise help.

Thank you, Guy Nelson – 5 Arun Vale – 873363

The Labouring Man                      01798 873337                       

The Labouring Man will be providing community support for the foreseeable future by:

  1. Opening a small shop in the Labouring Man for some much-needed necessities such as toilet rolls and basic food stuffs from Monday 23rd March. The shop will open from 11.00am to 2.30pm and then 6.00pm to 8.00pm.
  1. Also providing take-out meals at a very reasonable cost, these will be able to be ordered by phone for delivery or ready for collection at the pub.

Orders needing delivery under £10 will have a £2 charge. Phone orders will be paid by card to reduce contact.  The aim will be to provide a contactless delivery by knocking on your door and leaving the delivery on the doorstep as per government guidelines.

Takeaway Menu available from 12 – 2:30PM & 6:00 – 8:00PM

Jumbo Cumberland Sausage & Chips £3.95

4oz Cheeseburger & Chips £4.95 

Chicken Fillet Burger & Chips £4.95

Scampi & Chips £6.95

Homemade Chilli & Rice £6.95

Homemade Bolognaise & Fusilli Pasta £6.95

Homemade Chinese Style Chicken Curry & Rice £6.95


Margherita £6.95          Pepperoni £7.95            Meatfeast £8.95


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