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To book the Village Hall please call 01798 875226 or you can make a booking enquiry online *here*

MACHINE EMBROIDERY FOR BEGINNERS – Mondays evenings 6:30 to 8:30pm. 6-week course starts on 19-Feb. £180 including all fabric and refreshments. Please contact Esther: 07884 078172. Esther’s website is:

PILATES WITH KERSTI – Mondays and Fridays 9:30 to 10:30. Booking is essential. Please contact Kersti: 07512 353153. Kersti’s website is:

Save our Post Office. Sandham Post Office is closed permanently unless we fight!

** CLICK HERE ** to find out how you can help.

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The Hall has a monthly 100 Club which raises funds which we are able to save for future projects or repairs. Supporters can buy one or more numbers for £12 each. To find out more click here.

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About our hall

Bookings calendar (check availability)
If there is something you’d like to see taking place at the hall or if you are interested in starting up a new group of any kind, please do get in touch.
Booking rates
      *Risk-free booking* (for new, regular activities)
Conditions of hire
Post Office
100 Club
Polling Station


  • Main hall
    • 11m x 5m (36ft x 16ft)
    • Maple sprung floor (very good for dancing!)
    • Dimmable lighting (3 circuits – each end and middle)
    • Baby grand piano
    • Upholstered seats
  • Well equipped kitchen
    • Glassware, crockery and cutlery
    • Oven and hob
    • Kettle
    • Hot water urn (for large volume tea/coffee)
  • FREE WiFi
  • Projector stand and screen
  • Ladies’ and Gents’ toilets with baby changing facilities
  • Disabled toilet and step-free access from the car park
  • Licensed bar (in association with our local pub – The Labouring Man)
  • Car park for 25 cars (see site map below)



The Village Hall is located in the centre of Coldwaltham on the north side of the A29.

Map link


Booking calendar (check availability)

Use the tabs in the top right of the calendar below to switch between Week and Month views. Click on individual events for more information.


Booking rates

The booking rates are listed below. Please note that energy surcharge of £5 per booking is added during the winter when heating and extra lighting is used.

One-off events (non-commercial)
Whole morning / Whole afternoon / Whole evening – £35
Whole day – £70

One-off events (commercial)
Whole morning / Whole afternoon / Whole evening – £50
Whole day – £100

Use of outside space and toilets only – £60 (energy surcharge will apply if power is used)

Regular recurring events
Please contact us on 01798 875226 to discuss discounts on the above prices. We also offer a risk-free booking scheme for trail blazers looking to get new regular activities started (see Risk-free booking below).

*Risk-free booking*
We are keen to encourage new, regular activities at our Village Hall. If you’d like to hire the hall to try out a new idea we won’t charge a hire fee until you’re established and are covering your own costs. Please call 01798 875226 to discuss.

Conditions of hire

Thank you for hiring Sandham Hall. We try to ensure that the Hall has the facilities you require but if you have any comments or suggestions about improvements we can make please contact the Chairman, Simon Berry on 07932 107109 or by email: If you’ve recently hired the hall, there is a feedback form here.

The insurance for the hall includes public liability insurance for charitable organisations, voluntary organisations, not-for-profit groups and individuals using the hall when hired or loaned out to them.  For many hall users this insurance cover will be sufficient.  However, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered against all risks.  In particular, hirers are responsible for ensuring that anyone they employ such as caterers, entertainers, speakers etc.  is properly insured and that they comply with these conditions of hire.  Details of the hall public liability insurance can be provided on request.

The car park is for use by hirers of the hall and by authorised community members including school staff and drivers picking up children. Please park sensibly.

Hirers should discuss with Mrs Streeter, at the time of booking, the facilities they will require and will be advised on the location of furniture, kitchen equipment etc. Some furniture is stored in the shed behind the hall and the hirer will be responsible for collecting and setting up this furniture in the main hall.

The heating for the hall is controlled by a timer.  The hirer must not attempt to adjust the timer or the individual wall mounted heaters.

WiFi is available in the hall (network SMVHGuest, password sandhamhall).  The hall does not possess a TV licence, so it is illegal to use WiFi to view or download live TV on any channel or online service.  You can stream non-live content from non-BBC sources.  Use of iPlayer is not permitted under any circumstance.

At the end of the hire period the hirer is responsible for clearing away and cleaning the hall. This includes:
1.     Washing up and putting away kitchen equipment, ensuring kitchen work-surfaces and sinks are clean and removing all food.
2.     All bins to be emptied and contents taken away, not disposed of at the hall.
3.     Tables returned to shed and neatly stacked.
4.     Card tables stacked behind piano, chairs stacked to left of main exit, no more than five high.
5.     Hall to be left clean and tidy and swept as necessary.

Before leaving, the hirer should ensure the front door is properly secured and switch off all interior and exterior lights.  Finally the hirer should leave by the side door ensuring that both the Yale and mortice locks are properly applied.


Post Office

Our Post Office was abruptly closed without consultation by the Post Office on 14-Sep-2023. We are challenging this and you can help. Find out how here.


100 Club

Please help your Village Hall by joining the 100 Club.

The 100 Club contributes to our hall’s upkeep whilst offering ‘members’ a monthly flutter – no other strings attached! An investment of £12 for the year gives you automatic entry to our monthly draw, every month, from April 2023 to March 2024. Around half of the money invested is returned as prizes and you can buy as many ‘shares’ (draw entries) as you wish.  Last year, prizes amounted to £45 each month and over £500 was raised to support the Hall.

You can join:
By hand – place your cash or cheque made out to SMVH together with your contact details in the donation box on the bookshelf in the entrance lobby of the hall.
By post – cheques only, no cash, and contact details to The Treasurer, Sandham Memorial Village Hall, London Road, Coldwaltham, PULBOROUGH RH20 1GG.
By Bank Transfer – sort code 09 01 55, account no 83668607, Sandham Memorial Village Hall using reference 100 Club and email your contact details to

Good luck and thank you for your support!

The promoter for our 100 Club is Simon Berry, Japonica Cottage, Old London Road, Coldwaltham, RH20 1LF.


Polling Station

Our Village Hall is used as a Polling Station for local and general elections.


What has happened and what you can do to get our Post Office reopened

After 33 years of service, on Tuesday, 12 Sept, Pauline called the Post Office to give in her notice of retirement. She was expecting to work out a notice period and have a chance to say goodbye to all the users of the Post Office and receive the well-deserved thanks and adulation! Instead, before the end of the same day she was told the Post Office was closing with immediate effect and that the auditors would be in on Thursday (14-Sept) which is what happened.

Aside from the issue of the way Pauline has been treated is the issue of the immediate, permanent closure of our Post Office without any notice or consultation.

Do we want the Post Office to continue or are we happy to see it go?

Our parish has very few services. If we want to keep our Post Office we are going to have to fight. The advice is that we write to our MP (see below) and organise a petition objecting to the closure. A petition signed by more than 300 community members has been sent our MP and to the Chief Executive of the Post Office urging a reconsideration of the closure.

Before submitting the petition the Chairman of our Parish Council wrote to our MP who the wrote to the Chief Executive of the Post Office. His assistant responded saying that the closure was due to:

  1. The resignation of the Post Mistress
  2. The fact that the use of the premises had been withdrawn and
  3. Low usage

Item 2 above is untrue. At no time did the Village Hall withdraw permission to use the hall. We responded pointing this error out and asking for the evidence of low usage. We have been told that the low usage evidence is ‘confidential’.

We await a response to the petition.

It is not too late to write to our MP. His email address is: or you can write to him here: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA If you are stuck for words you might like to use this as a starting point and add your own additions/reactions:

The permanent closure of Coldwaltham Post Office with less than 24 hours notice

On Tuesday 12 Sept our postmistress of 33 years called the Post Office to give them notice of her retirement due to ill-health. The Post Office responded to say that they were closing the Post Office permanently and with immediate effect. The auditors came the next business day (Thursday). Although an immediate temporary closure might be justified, the immediate permanent closure is not. The Village Hall which hosts the Post Office has been asked if it wants to keep the alarm system and safe.

I request your immediate intervention to change the permanent closure into a temporary one to give time for consultation and analysis.

The community mobilised immediately, and you will have received a petition asking for a reversal of the closure decision. we await your response to this.

The Post Office serves more than 1,000 households in the hamlets of Hardham, Coldwaltham, Watersfield and Bury. The nearest alternative Post Office is 2 miles away (in Pulborough) and there is no practical way to get to this Post Office using public transport. The nearest cash deposit/withdrawal facilities are also in Pulborough. The 3 communities of Hardham, Coldwaltham and Watersfield lack a physical centre to assist with community cohesion but the Post Office provides a focus where community members can interact at least three mornings a week.

To summarise, I request that you intervene immediately to change the permanent closure into a temporary one.

Let’s do all we can, as a community, to get behind this one!



Coldwaltham Village Hall

Sandham Hall (or Sandham Memorial Village Hall as it is now known) has served as a meeting place for the parish of Coldwaltham for over 110 years. The hall was given to the parish by Miss Mary Louisa Sandham in memory of her father, the Reverend James Sandham, a former vicar of St Giles, Coldwaltham.

The hall was conveyed to the Chichester Diocese Trustees on 7 May 1903 and held within the Chichester Diocese Trust Deed. The Diocese Trust became custodian trustees and the vicar and churchwardens were managing trustees. Although the deed gave very wide guidelines for use, it was to all intents and purposes a church hall, with the vicar of the day passing the day-to-day running of the hall to a committee.

Local fundraising over the years kept the hall in reasonable condition and made possible the addition of indoor toilets and cloakroom during the late 1970s and refurbishment including rewiring in the 1990s. However, as a church (rather than a village) hall, it was not eligible for grants for improvements and maintenance.

In 2001, a lengthy process to allow it to become a village hall was started. On 7-Sep-2005, this change of status was achieved when the Church Commissioners agreed to the hall being leased to the Parish Council (the new custodian trustees) for an initial term of 35 years. A committee of managing trustees made up of three elected trustees and a number of trustees nominated by local organisations became responsible for the running of the hall. The first AGM of the Sandham Memorial Village Hall was held on 5 July 2006.

As the hall was in a poor and unmodernised state, money was raised from grants, donations and fundraising to provide replacement roof, inner hall ceiling, modern kitchen, curtains, disabled toilet and complete redecoration. In 2015, the car park was resurfaced and extended to provide parking for up to 25 vehicles.


The hall continues to be extremely well used on a regular basis by a number of local groups including the coffee shop, dancing club, the Wild Brooks Society, whist clubs, upholstery classes and for band practice. The Post Office has operated from the hall since 1990 and is currently open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

To continue to operate, the hall relies on its rental income, supported by its 100 Club lottery and by donations which are always gratefully received. To join the 100 Club please contact Pauline in the Post Office or on the number below.

The hall is available for hire for functions and has hosted numerous birthday parties and anniversary celebrations as well as charity and village events. It is an ideal venue with kitchen facilities, outside space and excellent parking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please send any questions to


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