West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036

Information from West Sussex County Council:

On 1 April 2022, the County Council adopted the West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036 (WSTP). The WSTP updates the County Council’s approach to strategic issues and sets out a new vision, objectives and priorities. The WSTP will guide the County Council’s approach to the improvement and maintenance of the transport network in West Sussex.

The final version of the WSTP is available to view at the link below. West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036

For more information, please follow this link.

Be alert to the latest phone scam

Be aware of a new scam where criminals cold call people asking for their bank details, falsely saying this is required in order for them to receive the Government’s £150 energy rebate.

Councils will never ask you to give your bank details over the phone. If someone does ask you, hang up immediately.

Also, if your account is paid by direct debit then the council already has your bank details on record and if you’re not on a direct debit scheme, the council will send you a letter in the post.

Find out more about phone scams and how to get a Call Blocker on our Trading Standards webpages.

Road Works on Swan Bridge – date extended

The proposed road closure on Swan Bridge during January to April 2022, this is on the OLD Swan bridge only, NOT the main A29 road bridge. This closure will only affect pedestrians. This closure has been extended to July 2022.

5th March

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