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Planning Application at Lodge Hill Centre – SDNP/21/00627/OUT

Every once in a while, our Parish faces some new development that raises a range of conflicting responses from many different angles. With this note, we want to bring to your attention the need to check the SDNP Planning Portal (Click Here) .

You will all be aware that recent discussions about possible plans to develop the area south of Brookview, by Barlavington Estate have brought to the surface other suggested sites for various levels of housing development. This week we have been made aware that a planning application has appeared on the SDNP Planning Portal for land on the south side of Waltham Park Road. It appears to be for 16 houses, but we are not sure of the detail of this, as yet, in terms of any housing ‘mix’. The reference is SDNP/21/00627/OUT.

The Parish Council will produce its own response to this, and we urge you to communicate your views – as briefly as possible – to the Parish Clerk via our website, as soon as possible. Please feel free to make your own responses within the Consultation process on the SDNP Planning Portal. Please ensure you make your responses within the time limit indicated by the SDNP.

During this lockdown period, it is clearly not appropriate to set up a Parish face-to-face meeting to hear your views, so please watch for emails that may indicate/propose an open “Zoom” meeting to hear all your views. In addition, please pass this note and information on to your neighbours and friends, in case they are not e-mail connected. It is also possible to leave a written response in an envelope with the SMVH Sub-Post office and it will be picked up by the Parish Council.


Coldwaltham Parish Council

23rd Feb 2021

Barlavington Estates – Estate Plan Consultation

From Sebastian Anstruther, Barlavington Estates, who has asked the Parish Council to share this information with parishioners and residents.

“Barlavington Estate has been working on a Whole Estate Plan for the past 12 months and they would like to share some of their thinking with local residents. Asking for any feedback that residents might want to offer prior to producing the plan for review and consideration by the National Park Authority.

In a world without Covid-19 they would have set up an exhibition in a local village hall and invited residents of Coldwaltham to attend. Clearly that is not going to be possible so instead they have arranged to post this information online. The information is being hosted by their consultants, Rural Solutions, on a private part of their website. Barlavington Estate plan for the information (and associated feedback form) to be available for a six-week period, starting from 11th January.

To access the information please use the url

You will be able to view a range of information about the Estate, their work, and the ideas they hope to include in the Whole Estate Plan. Residents will also be able to let Barlavington Estate have comments via the feedback form.

Once this period of online engagement is complete, they will then move towards completing their Whole Estate Plan and submitting it to the South Downs National Park Authority for their review.”

You can find out more about that process via the South Downs National Park website here.

A29 Bury Hill – Night Closures

Please note that the A29 at Bury Hill is closed OVERNIGHT not during the day as previously advised. 

The temporary closure is scheduled to commence on 11th January 2021 for up to 5 days (It is estimated to be completed on 19th January 2021) and is required for the safety of the public and workforce while West Sussex County Council undertakes Tree Ash Die Back Felling & Clearing Works with works taking place either side of Disused Quarry.

Closure will not be in place at weekends. The restriction will be in place overnight only from 19:00 until 05:00.

An alternative route will be signed on site but please visit for more details.

For information regarding this closure please contact West Sussex County Council on 01243 642105 who will able to assist with scope of these works.

Temporary Road Closure on Waltham Park Road starting 8th January 2021

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that from the date specified below, West Sussex County Council has temporarily closed to all traffic Waltham Park Road, Coldwaltham, in the Horsham District under Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, on Waltham Park Road from the junction of London Road to the junction of Tripp Hill.

The temporary closure is scheduled to commence on 8th January 2021 for up to 5 days (It is estimated to be completed on 8th January 2021) and is required for the safety of the public and workforce while BT undertakes Daytime road closure to install 3 new poles safely – with works taking place outside Coldwaltham Lodge.

The restriction will be in place day-time only from 08:00 until 18:00

An alternative route will be signed on site but please visit for more details.

Access for emergency service vehicles and pedestrians will be maintained at all times during the closure.

For information regarding this closure please contact Geoff Kiff of Kelly Communications on 07483910806 who will able to assist with scope of these works.

Dated: 14th October 2020

Matt Davey

Director of Highways, Transport and Planning

MESSAGE FROM OUR LOCAL MP. – Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme


Andrew Griffiths MP has highlighted the Government’s Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. The scheme aims to upgrade rural households with a current speed of less than 100 Mb/s to faster broadband internet connections which are theoretically capable of up to 1,000 Mb/s ultrafast download speeds facilitated by a joint payment between the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport and West Sussex County Council.

The scheme offers a voucher entitlement of up to £4,000 per household. By coming together as a group of residents or a whole parish this really means no installation costs and no increase in broadband bills, provided that the users already have a ‘High Speed Broadband’, with the only commitment being a 12-month contract with nearly any household provider.

Andrew Griffith’s team has identified that some or all addresses in our parish may be eligible to receive these vouchers. The deadline for applications to the voucher scheme is 31st March 2021 and installation time scale from point of application is approximately 9 to 15 months.

Speak to your neighbours!

For more information:

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