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If you are aged between 9 and 16 come and visit us on Mondays during term times between 6.30 and 8pm, newcomers always welcome.

What we are…
The Club membership is open to those between the ages of 9 and 16 and is sourced from those living in the Parish and neighbouring villages including Pulborough. The main objectives of the Club is to offer a safe meeting place to all members irrespective of their gender, religion, race or sexual orientation. The Club runs on Monday nights following the local schools term times. The activities include sport both inside and out with the car park giving a safe enclosed environment for several types of ball games. Inside table tennis, air hockey and other internal sports are on offer. Craft is also a favourite. We also aim to have off site activities at least once a term offering for example go-carting and tower climbing. There are also special events for Easter, Christmas and a barbecue which all involve food and party games. Our members are also asked to decide what they would like to do and if possible their suggestions are catered for.

The Youth Club also provides an annual Christmas event for the Parishes ‘Golden Oldies’ or is it ‘The Young at Heart’. This is funded by the Club and whilst the Helpers organise the day, the Members serve the meal drinks and coffee. A good time is had by one and all with Father David saying Grace, St James’ School providing the carol singing and Father Christmas also attends to distribute the presents.

The Club is run by an experienced Leader and she is supported by various helpers. All personnel involved directly with the members have received the necessary legal clearance to undertake their duties.

We also encourage the hiring of the hall for parties and other activities. (see below for details).


The Youth Club was established more than 50 years ago. Local residents raised monies to purchase a second hand Nisson Hut for £100 and a further £1000 was needed to cover the costs to connect the services of water, sewage and electricity. Negotiations had taken place with West Sussex County Council to have the Hut put on the Lodge Hill site with the entrance being just off Waltham Park Road. The present Trust at Lodge Hill has agreed that the site and Hut may continue in place for a notional peppercorn rent. There is an irony in the fact that the Hut cost a £100 in the 60’s but fire Insurance cover is at a staggering £150K per annum.

The Club is self funding and all helpers give of their time completely free. Whilst The Parish Council support the Club with a donation of £500 per year no monies come from the County or the District. We therefore raise monies from members subs, the hiring of the Hall and two or three jumble sales a year. The Labouring Man very kindly support us with funds from its’ ‘swear’ jar and if we are in need of replacing equipment we approach The Wild Brooks Society who are always willing to help if they can. Our largest expenditure is for Insurance and ongoing Repairs at the Hut and Site.


Whilst we have a Committee made up of Two Trustees, The Leader, Treasurer, Hall Bookings Officer and elected members we have recently changed our structure by having separate groups to organise the Jumble Sales and Christmas Oldies Lunch. This is to avoid impacting too much on our helpers who all have busy lives.

There is a detailed Constitution together with the normal Risk Assessments required these days to run any voluntary organisation to satisfy both Legal and Insurance requirements. The members and their parents share with us their personal details and also sign up to the Clubs expectations for behaviour. The Leader and Staff also sign up to these requirements so everyone is working from the same ‘hymn book’.

With regard to Hall Hire there are booking forms covering terms and conditions. Other documents cover Fees and Fire regulations together with hirers completing papers identifying their own risks in respect of safe usage.

We are on the look out for a Chairman, Secretary and Hall Caretaker the latter to help oversee repairs when outside contractors have to be employed. Can you HELP in any way to help keep this valuable local resource running?

For more details please contact:-

Youth Leader: Klaire Johnson 01798 875689
Hall Bookings: Maggie Grover 07949 318056
Events Organiser: Karen Grover 01798 874652
Member: Christine Sanderson 01798 872060
Trustee / member: Stephen Bower 01798 875655
Treasurer and Trustee: Paul Byford 01798 873433

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