Please help Horsham District Council to recycle more

HDC need to reach the national recycling target of 50% by 2020
Here in the Horsham District we currently recycle 44% of our waste. We are proud to say that this is highest in West Sussex. However we need to reach the national recycling target of 50% by 2020. With your help HDC know that they can.
Recent research has shown that 20% of what we currently throw away in our green-top (household waste) bins can be put into our blue-top recycling bin.
In total a staggering 57% of the waste that we currently throw away can be reduced, reused or recycled!


Take a look at Horsham District Council’s dedicated webpages for tips on how to reduce,
reuse or recycle the waste in your green-top bin. This includes a useful A-Z list of what
can and can’t currently be recycled here in the District.

Please make sure your blue-top (recycling) bin only contains items that can be recycled and that the items are clean, dry, and loose.
Only recycling put inside your bin will be collected. Please close the lid. Thank you.

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