Late advice from the SDNP

Everyone who has tried to submit to the SDNP about the housing proposals. We have just received this: if you have been having problems with the web site, please email direct to planning as suggested in this note:

“We are aware of the issue

The problem is that most if not all consultation systems do not allow cut and paste text to keep its formatting, so the use of bold, capitals underlining etc, gets converted into something else in our system, hence the comments looking odd

To resolve this were encouraging people to submit via email or post if they have had problems with the online system. People can attach their entire response in the online consultation system as another solution.

I’m afraid that were stuck with the online system for now, but we will be reviewing that system after this consultation, in the mean time I would suggest the Parish email their response to us direct at

Hope this helps”

Please use this email TODAY – before midnight to send your submissions in direct to the Planning Office.

John Evans

For the PC.

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