Speedwatch Goes Live in July

The Scheme is now live for our three villages. The Police have signed off the two sites for the operation in Coldwaltham and Watersfield, as “approved” and we are hoping to get a site approved within the 40mph section of the A29 in Bury.

We have eight volunteers, but will need more, as it will be important to ‘spread the load’ across each village.

If you would like to join the Scheme, please go to the web site noted above and have a look at the way that it operates. There are now more than 500 groups across the South East. It is required that volunteers do a little bit of ‘training and testing” before they are officially signed up; this can all be done on line, at home.

If you wish to get in touch with me to volunteer your services, please contact our Parish Clerk, via the Parish Council, who will put you in touch. E-mail is the quickest way to find me.

We shall probably begin operations in July, so you might like to warn friends and visitors that we are going to do this, on a regular basis. Until then, I hope that we will be do some “practice” observations to see that we can  track both speeds and recognise car (and bike) registration plates. We have a very neat “radar” to do this.

This does not mean that the Police radar “Van” will cease operations, but their presence is inevitably limited, so we will be operating at different times of the day to complement this.

The Parish Council has supported the purchase of this equipment, and we are hoping to gain some additional funding from SDNP.

We hope this scheme will also support the work of our School Crossing operator in persuading drivers that “Speed Limits” are there for everyone’s safety.

John Evans


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