Parish Council News – June/July 2016

Parish Council News – June/July 2016

Once again, June comes around with us all wondering if summer will start soon, since we know that it passes very quickly once all the highlight distractions begin: Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley …and the football.
It does not mean that PC business stops though, and this past three weeks have been quite busy on a number of issues.
The Silverdale development in Coldwaltham started, as announced, as we wrote in the last report, but we did not expect it would stop so quickly. It has been something of a lesson about the need for communication with local residents when changes and development take place. First, the deliveries were clearly out of the control of the contractor, as they began arriving outside of the agreed hours, and, in some cases, were obviously hazardous to both Silverdale and A29 users; second, the road surfaces, as predicted, in Silverdale were not up to the stress of trucks and lorries, and finally gave way – thus no more deliveries for some time; finally, it became clear that the contractors appeared not to be complying with the majority of the “planning conditions set out by the SDNP – and along with HDC, a “Stop” noticed was issued and work has now ceased! We are waiting to see what happens.
The Parish Council has sent a strongly worded note to both the SDNP and HDC indicating opposition to any proposal to lift the range of Planning Conditions – the important ones of which are about safety and and access for Residents.

On a brighter note, it is good to report that by the time you read this, our Parish website should be up and running, and you should be able to read this report there as well. It has taken a great deal of time and effort to get going, as well as some PC funds; we shall be continuing to watch how it evolves and a group of PC members are learning how to “work” the site to ensure that it is kept up to date. We shall be be asking for contributions from the many local organisations that are both listed there, as well as others, so watch for the requests in your ‘in-tray’.

There is more good news about the WFC/Football Club for the 2016 season, in that a third team will also be using the ground – a new “Colts” team has signed up, to replace the Storrington Vipers who have all now past the age limit. This is good news and suggests that there continues to be a sound demand for such facilities. It puts some more strain on the maintenance of Alban Head which the PC will have to address. The PC and the Alban Head committee are reviewing and investigating how the facilities might best be “managed” in the future.

It is also good to hear that St.James School is hoping to expand its provision from September onwards with the addition of a “Pre-School” Class covering 2-5 year-olds. There is more information on the School website so do make sure to pass this information on to families who may need such support.

Finally, connected with the importance of the School at the centre of local life, it is a ‘fact of life’ that demographics change over time, and we do not have sufficient demand to support the Youth Club. It does look as if the Club will cease operations from July onwards, if further volunteers and participants do not come forward to boost numbers. The YC will still continue to run very successful “Jumble Sales” and other events – so the facility is there to use.

JE/June 2016

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