SDNPA Housing Allocation proposal for Coldwaltham Parish

Coldwatham Parish Council are due to start their discussions regarding SDNPA proposed allocation at their council meeting on 13th June. The Parish Council is seeking resident’s thoughts to enable them to reach an informed response, before the public consultation to be held in the autumn.

You can find details of the proposed site in an earlier news article click on the “Older Posts”  button below, or on our Information Page: .

Do let us have your comments, using the ‘contact us’ form on this website.  Below are just some of the issues on which we’d like to hear parishioners’ views.

  • Number of houses Should it stay at 20, as previously proposed, or  should 40 – a 10% rise in parish households over say 10 years – be manageable?
  • Employment What local jobs might be available for new arrivals?  Or would they more likely commute to major centres, and with what effects?
  • Location Is the proposed site compatible with the special qualities* of the National Park?  What other site or sites might be more suitable?
  • Infilling Would the proposed development tend to join up Coldwaltham and Watersfield, and if so what effects might that have?
  • Type Should the houses be mainly ‘affordable’, as for example the new Silverdale development, or mainly market housing?
  • Style Traditional designs and local materials, or contemporary styles?  (Compatibility with neighbouring houses was an issue at Silverdale)
  • School St James’s needs to increase the school roll to secure its future, so should more ‘family’ houses be welcomed?
  • Open space What should be the purpose of  the proposed accessible open space?  Playground, playing  field, meadow, amenity land?
  • Traffic How manageable is likely traffic from the development, including its interaction with the A29?

* The South Downs National Park Authority has identified Seven Special Qualities that the National Park exists to promote.  In abbreviated form, these are: inspirational landscapes and breathtaking views; a rich variety of wildlife and habitats; tranquil and unspoilt places; an environment shaped by farming and embracing new enterprise; opportunities for recreation and learning experiences; historical features and a rich cultural heritage; distinctive towns and villages with pride in their areas.

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