2021 Minutes & Appendices

The year’s minutes will be displayed here. They will appear within a month of the meeting in question. Minutes will also be available to view at the Sandham Hall or the Library in Pulborough.

Please note that these minutes displayed here, might be subject to change, as they have not received approval until the next Council meeting. The Parish Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any use by others, of unapproved minutes.

Minutes – 12th January 2021 Draft
APPENDIX to January 2021 Parish Council Meeting
Minutes – Planning Meeting 10th March 2021 Draft
Minutes – 16th March 2021 Draft
APPENDIX to March 2021 Parish Council Meeting
Minutes – Planning Meeting 24th March 2021 Draft

Annual Parish Meeting – Minutes 27th April 2021 with appendices DRAFT

Minutes – 5th May 2021 Draft
APPENDIX to May 2021 Parish Council Meeting

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